Berry Cherry Ricotta Muffins

Guess what!!  I went berry picking!!  Last weekend, a couple friends and I drove out of the city and into farmland to get our hands dirty and get ourselves some berries.  Have you gone to pick your own berries before?  I used to pick strawberries in Victoria with my family, but I have never gone to pick raspberries or blueberries before.  What a blast!!  So needless to say, I now have an abundance of raspberries and blueberries (and cherries because they were on sale).  So, I decided to make some berry cherry muffins! (like my pun??)

Berry Cherry Ricotta Muffins 1


Cornbread Muffins

Well, another long Monday but the good news is that I am three Mondays away from my last Monday (for a while anyways). Things have been busy lately, so busy that I haven’t really had time to enjoy the summer as much as I should be. I’m itching to change that however. One way I enjoy the summer is through food. Cornbread is really a new one to me but it is great as a side dish for any barbecue. These cornbread muffins are super easy to make and extremely tasty at the same time.



Summer Fruit: Recipe Roundup

Living in BC one of the greatest parts of summer is having access to great locally grown fruit. It is definitely one of the things I look forward to and I have very fond memories of going out to pick fruit at the local farms in and around my hometown, Victoria. Let’s be honest, this fruit is so good that it is definitely something you could happily devour by itself without putting it into any sort of recipe. But if you’re looking for something new to try with the abundance of fresh fruit during the summer time, we have you covered with this list of sweet and savory recipes.

Drunken Cherry Chocolate Cake2


Sour Cherry, Lime Mocktail

BC cherry season is in full swing, and I have been taking full advantage of all the $1.99/lb BC cherries. I love buying local ingredients, and this drink is of course made with our fabulous local BC cherries! This is such a great light and refreshing beverage that is perfect for summertime. Although this drink is non-alcoholic, you could easily add 4 oz of vodka to make the drink more adult.  This mocktail is perfect for little kiddies, or to take with you on a summer picnic!

Sour Cherry Lime Mocktail5


Strawberry Summer Salad with Shallot Vinaigrette

Well it’s been quite a week for me personally and Friday is welcomed with open arms. It started with all of a sudden becoming crazy busy at work, my resignation notice being communicated to my co-workers (more on that in a later post) and then yesterday a transit malfunction led me to taking 4 busses and a skytrain home yesterday which took a total of almost three hours. I’ve also had a headache for a few days now that seems to have actually been caused by a massage and I am not enjoying it. Regardless, I’m choosing to be grateful that I have a lot of excitement to look forward to in the rest of the summer as well as the fall. Enough about me though and more about salad!



Sesame Chicken with Fennel and Orange Salad

We have had some amazing warm weather over on the West coast, which prompted me to make this deeeee-licious summer salad from Canadian Living. When it’s extremely hot out, I like to try and stay away from my oven.  This is mostly because my apartment is already extremely hot, even without the oven blasting out additional heat.  This leaves me with two options to cook dinner… I either use my crock pot, or I use the BBQ.  I definitely love my crock pot, but there is something about BBQing and summertime that just kind of works, and works well.  Although we don’t have a very good BBQ, Andrew has definitely mastered using what we have to cook EVERYTHING perfectly!  I have yet to be disappointed with his BBQing skills – and this one was a real winner.

Sesame Chicken with Fennel and Orange Salad2


Whipped Ricotta with Lemon

Oh my it is warm out folks and by warm I mean it is freaking hot. You would normally expect that from summer right, but in these parts you never know what could happen – could be a summer filled with rain if you’re unlucky. This year we are lucky and I am loving it. You can’t go five minutes without someone complaining about how hot it is. Vancouverites are never satisfied with the weather regardless of how mild it is. Well I have a new summery treat for you to try today. You wouldn’t normally think of a cheese as a summer snack, but ricotta is light and fluffy and paired with lemon it is bursting with summery flavour.



Lemon and Thyme Cedar Plank Salmon

Andrew and I caught a salmon!!  Probably one of my most excited/proudest moments this past weekend was reeling in a 10lb Chinook Salmon.  After Andrew’s dad netted it in, I couldn’t help but think up a bunch of salmon recipes that I wanted to make.  I think it was pure luck that we caught one.  We put down our bait, and within 5 minutes, we were reeling in the fish!  We didn’t get anymore action for the rest of the day, well unless you count getting tangled up in another fisherman’s line who was not hooked up to their downrigger.  Although the second half of our fishing adventure came up short, I could not be happier with what we left the water with.  Not to mention Chinook Salmon is my favorite out there!

Lemon and Thyme Cedar Plank Salmon3


Carrot Top Pesto

Guess what! I’ve got another recipe for you to use up those gorgeous carrot tops! That’s right, no need to ever throw away those gorgeous greens ever again. Actually, this one will make you want to look for carrots WITH greens the next time you are at the grocery store or farmers market. As I’ve said before, summer produce is valuable stuff, and there is no need to throw out perfectly good carrot greens if you know what to do with them.

Carrot Top Pesto4


Baked Mac and Cheese Bites

I took a cooking class as an elective in grade 11 and one of the things I remember distinctly making was deep fried chocolate bars. Of course that would be the main thing I remember, right? One night my friends and I decided to have a night dedicated to trying different deep fried chocolate bars. We were clearly health freaks back then. The feeling after eating all that (what was basically) deep fried sugar was like being kicked in the stomach repeatedly for an hour straight. I’ll never forget that feeling and since that time I have never personally deep fried anything. Sure, I eat deep fried things at restaurants now and again but I have a strict no-deep-fry policy when it comes to my kitchen. That being said, you would probably typically fry these Mac and Cheese bites, however I discovered that they are equally as delicious when baked.

Mac and Cheese bites3


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