Parmesan Tomatoes

These tomatoes are super duper easy and super duper quick to make!  But don’t let their simplicity fool you!  They are also delicious!  Quick and easy things are my favorite to make when you are having people over.  That way you stay out of the kitchen, and spend more time in the living room with your loved ones enjoying their company!  Since today is the first day of fall, I thought it best to say bye bye to summer tomatoes with this post!!

Parmesan Tomatoes4


Fresh Tomato Salsa

There are so many amazingly delicious tomatoes out at our local produce store lately. I have been eating them until my heart’s content. They are my favorite kind of tomatoes, you know those massive ones that are extremely firm. So full of flavour and absolutely delicious. I have never really been one for store bought salsa.. Especially because my mom makes such an amazing zucchini salsa, and after eating that it’s very hard to go back to eating the store bought one. I am however, a HUGE fan of fresh salsa. If only I had a Vitamix to do all my shopping for me! One day :)
Fresh Tomato Salsa4


Blueberry Peach Upside Down Cake

The last of BC’s beautiful peaches are here and I am taking advantage of them while I still can. I never realized how simple it is to make an upside down cake. If you like upside down cakes, I’ve got a great banana coconut pineapple upside down cake you should also try! I know everyone tends to mix nectarines with blueberry, but I think peaches go just as perfectly!! We got out first taste of fall weather the past couple of weeks. I’ve officially broken out my sweaters and ankle boots for work. Andrew and I thought we would sneak a small backpacking trip in over the weekend and let me tell you we froze our butts off!! We went up to Manning park and camped at Poland lake, it was one of the coldest nights I have ever camped in. Andrew is convinced the temperatures were somewhere between -5 C and 0 C. There was still snow on the ground from the night before!! This will be my last summery recipe until moving into some delicious fall apples, root vegetables and of course tomatoes!! Until next year summer.

Blueberry Peach Upside Down Cake | Everybody Loves Pretty

3-Ingredient Peach Ice Cream

This is some of the most delicious and extremely easy ice cream I have ever made!  I kept seeing recipes for 3-ingredient ice cream, and after making this one I am completely sold!  I’m thinking I will try adding even more fun stuff the next time I make this. I was thinking a mint chocolate chip could be my next adventure. You could definitely layer the ice cream and add in toppings to each layer to get them dispursed throughout the ice cream instead of them all falling to the bottom.  I love finding recipes that are super easy and only require a few ingredients. Not only are they easy to make, but you can whip them up pretty quick with stuff just lying around in your pantry!

Peach Ice Cream.4

Blackberry Peach Galette

Andrew is finally back in Vancouver after a month away! Thank goodness, now I can finally cook/bake normal meals and not have to worry about eating it all myself. It’s also always nice being able to cook or bake for another person. The other good thing about right now is that it’s peach season!!!!! I have been eating peaches like they’re going out of style! We bought a 10 lb flat of them the other day for $10. Such a good deal! So get ready for some peachy goodness!

Blackberry Peach Galette | Everybody Loves Pretty

Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Cookies

I’m back!! Sorry I’ve had a really busy past few weeks at work, and usually the last thing I want to do when I come home is look at a computer screen! I think this summer in general has just been a busy summer. I’m also finding it harder to cook for myself because Andrew is up in Prince George, and it’s much harder cooking for just one! What have I been eating you ask? Well, mostly just salad and fresh fruit and veg! I’m taking advantage of the fresh BC produce that’s available in the summer. Although I have been eating healthy, who’s to say that you can’t have a treat now and then!! These cookies were originally supposed to be sandwich cookies with raspberry buttercream in the middle, but I just think that would be too sweet for me!

Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Cookies1

Curied BBQ Chicken Skewers

Well, Andrew has officially left to do his rural family practice which means I have to start cooking for one! My first goal was to master BBQing. Did you know I have never actually BBQed before, Andrew always takes care of that part! Before he left, he gave me a quick crash course on how to fire up the grill, and I am pleased to say that I was quite successful in my first BBQ adventure! I slightly modified this recipe from one I found off the Ricardo Cuisine website.  All their recipes are not only delicious, but also extremely easy to make, which makes them even more fantastic. Definitely go check them out!

Curried BBQ Chicken Skewers | Everybody Loves Pretty

Blueberry Cherry Zucchini Muffins

I am so addicted to summer fruit. There is nothing I love more than buying fresh and local fruits and veggies from my local grocery store. Everything tastes much better when you know exactly where it’s come from. I can’t stop eating cherries, blueberries and raspberries right now! These muffins are full of farm-to-table ingredients, which I think makes them even tastier. I even got the zucchini from a farm when I was out picking berries on Canada Day. I feel very lucky to live in a province that can grow such fantastic produce!
Blueberry Cherry Zucchini Muffins | Everybody Loves Pretty


Lemon Dill Salmon Steaks with Low Fat Dill Sauce

BC has been suffering from so many wildfires lately, many of which have been caused by humans. In fact, there are currently 117 wildfires (greater than 10 hectares) burning just in our province (and this number seems to be increasing daily)!! Although we have a province-wide ban on campfires, and all our parks are showing extreme fire hazards, people continue to be careless which is causing many of these fires. So please please please, do not have a fire at this time, and make sure your cigarette butt is completely extinguished before you leave it on the ground. over the past week, all of Vancouver has been full of smoke. So much so that you can barely see the North Shore mountains from downtown Vancouver. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful province, and we really don’t appreciate the normally clean air and fresh water as much as we should!
Lemon Dill Salmon Steaks with Low Fat Dill Sauce | Everybody Loves Pretty

Chocolate Skor Biscotti

I have been so incredibly busy lately, it feels like I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off… After getting back from New York on the 22nd of June, we have not been home for a weekend since! So I apologize for not blogging much! So, what exactly have I been up to? I think I told you about my cabin trip the week after New York. That was actually fabulously relaxing and I wished we could have stayed longer! Then the weekend after that was my birthday weekend! Instead of staying home and baking myself a massive cake, we hiked up to Garabaldi Lake on Saturday (23km) and then the Whistler High Note Trail (9.5km) on Sunday! It was the perfect weekend for it, and I was extremely excited to escape the city as always. We stayed overnight with some friends in Squamish which was not only much cheaper than staying in Whistler, but it was also quite pleasant!
Chocolate Skor Biscotti | Everybody Loves Pretty

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