DIY Knitted Headband

Brrrrrr it’s been SO cold here in Vancouver. The little duck pond by my place is completely frozen! It is definitely time to whip out the headband I knit myself. I wear this every single time I go outside to keep my ears from freezing. I can assure this will keep you warm without giving you that awful toque hair! Here is the pattern to all you knitwits!


Approx 40gms DK yarn (2 strands used throughout)
5mm straight needles

Cable (C4F)
Pick up the next 4 stitches using a cable needle and hold at the front of the work.
Knit the next 4 stitches on the left hand needle.
Knit the 4 stitches on the cable needle.

CO 10st
Work 10 rows k1 p1 rib increasing 1 st at each end of every alternate row (20st)

Row 1: k1, p1, k2,p2, C4F,p2, k2, p1, k1

Row 2: k2, p2, k2, p8, k2, p2, k2

Row 3: k1, p1, k2,p2, k8,p2, k2, p1, k1

Row 4, 6, 8: As Row 2

Row 5, 7: As Row 3


Continue in pattern until band measures tightly around your head. NOTE: Make sure your headband is quite tight as the wool tends to stretch!

Cast off, ensure to leave a LONG piece of string as you will want to use this when attaching the two sides. Using a yarn needle, sew the two sides together.



Enjoy the warmth (and daily compliments) from this headband!


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